International Tax Services

As an experienced tax service provider, we have provided excellent international tax services to our clients for many years. These services include:

  1. International Structuring and Planning

    We help our clients optimize their international business structures to minimize global tax expense; achieve their business development goals using effective and tax-efficient cross-border merger and acquisition strategies; maximize our clients’ foreign tax credits, etc.

  2. International Tax Compliance

    We help our clients comply with various US tax reporting requirements including: calculating foreign corporation E&P, Form 5471, Form 5472, Form 8858, Form 8865, Form 1118 reporting, etc.

  3. International Tax Audit

    We help our clients handle the IRS audits related to international tax matters.

  4. Inbound Tax Planning

    We provide services to foreign corporations doing business in the US, including inbound structuring to minimize tax liability, choice of entity, withholding taxes, etc.

  5. Treaty Benefit Analysis

    We provide international treaty analysis services to optimize treaty benefits.

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